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Sunday June 3rd 2012

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Somali pirates hold oil tanker with 17 Indian crew members

Somali News - NOIDA: The families of 17 Indians, who were among a crew of 22 on a Nigeria-bound oil tanker, have just been told that the ship was captured by Somali pirates off the coast of Oman more than a month ago. Recruitment agents said talks were on between the pirates and shipping company for the crew's release. The ship, MT Royal [...]

Somali Pirates Attack Oxford Boat Crew In Annual Thames Race!

Written by Tommy Twinkle The 158th annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge was brought to a dramatic halt earlier today when the Oxford crew came under attack by a Somali Pirate submarine after it had suddenly surfaced a few yards in front of the Oxford rowing boat near part of the Thames known as the Chiswick Steps. Tens of spectators [...]