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Monday June 4th 2012

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How Somali Fishermen Became Pirates

Amid the current media frenzy about Somali pirates, it's hard not to imagine them as characters in some dystopian Horn of Africa version of Waterworld. We see wily corsairs in ragged clothing swarming out of their elusive mother ships, chewing narcotic khat while thumbing GPS phones and grappling hooks. They are not desperate bandits, experts [...]

Somaliland: Permanent homes for 300 displaced persons

A Japanese-funded NRC/UNHCR shelter project including 50 permanent shelters was today handed over to the community in Aden Suleiman (aka Aadan Salleebaan) settlement for internally displaced people in Burao, Somaliland. A total of 50 permanent shelters, which will benefit 300 people, were constructed by members of the community with the [...]

UN Voucher Programme: More Fresh Food To Diets In Somaliland

Thousands of people in Somaliland, in northern Somalia, are getting more fresh meat in their diet as a result of an innovative UN initiative that provides parents with vouchers to help them afford nutritious food from local traders, according to the World Food Programme (WFP). “Using vouchers gives people greater choice about what food to [...]

Somaliland and Somalia: U.S. Dual Track Policy

US Ambassador David Shinn was asked to address the US dual track policy towards Somalia and Somaliland on May 18, 2012 at the Somaliland Conference at the Hilton Hotel near Dulles International Airport in Virginia. While he expressed support for all that Somaliland has accomplished, he emphasized that the U.S. dual track policy does not portend [...]

Somaliland: Africa’s unofficial country

Most local banknotes in Somaliland are only worth pennies, so a brick of money is usually needed to buy a meal of camel hump or goat meat. The whole process of exchanging notes is gloriously exotic. In the dusty local market in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, rows of currency traders set up stalls on the side of the road with money they [...]

Alle Naxdin weynaa Abdicasiis samaale wasiirka maaliyada (Opinion)

Alle Naxdin weynaa Abdicasiis samaale wasiirka maaliyada oo iska dhigaya sida jaaliyada Dibada ka yimid iska dhigaya ? Alle naxdin weynaa iminkuu doonayaa in uu qabiilkiisa ka dhaadhiciyo Cabdicasiis samaale isagoo afculimo ku hadli jiray uganna maah maahi jiray aayadaha quraanka kariiima Madaxweynihii hore. cabdiqasiisow xoolaha [...]

Somali regions bet the pen is mightier than the sword

AFP  - SPARED the violence that has ravaged southern Somalia for two decades, the breakaway Somaliland and Puntland regions are investing in education to lure youngsters away from extremism and piracy. The self-proclaimed Republic of Somaliland hopes to prove it can build a stable, independent state as the international community has not [...]

A dispute between Somali regions slows oil exploration

May 11 (Reuters) - A dispute between two semi-autonomous regions in Somalia is delaying exploration for oil and gas over fears that local authorities are issuing licences to explore blocks that overlap in each other's territories, officials said. East Africa has become a hot spot for oil and gas exploration after new finds in waters off [...]

Mindesta to Earn Interest in Third Exploration Permit in Somaliland

OTTAWA, CANADA--Mindesta Inc. ("Mindesta" or the "Company") (OTCBB:MDST) wishes to announce that it now has an option to earn an interest in a third exploration permit in the Republic of Somaliland. Mindesta is already earning up to an 80 per cent interest in, and can ultimately acquire 100% of, the first two mineral exploration permits issued by [...]

Xeer-ilaaliyaha Guud ee Qaranka oo ku Dhawaaqay Inuu Xilka Iska Casili Doono Haddii Lagu Tunto Garsoorka Dalka

Haregeysa (Jam)- Xeer-ilaaliyaha Guud ee Qaranka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Mr. Xasan Axmed Aadan, ayaa daboolka ka qaaday inuu xilka iska casili doono, isla markaana faraha ka qaadi doono haddii garsoorka dalka lagu tunto ama farogelin lagu sameeyo, isagoo tilmaamay in hay’adaha garsoorku ka siman yihiin sidii caddaaladda loo hagaajin lahaa. Mr. [...]