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We Have more than 1500 songs and the list is growing. accessing all the songs on this site is now completely free of charge. Please to keep this service free do your part and visit our sponsors. This will be a temporary test period.

Dhamaan dadka jecel heesaha somaliga ee soo booqda shabakada Somaliland Net waxaan iidinku busharaynaynaa in heesa'ha ku jira halkan dhamaan aad ku dhageysan'karto bilaash maanta laga bilaabo. Hadaba saxibayaal si bogani bilaash u noqodo mudo dheer waxa laga rabaa inaad adna ka soo baxado hawashaada oo aad booqato xaysiisyada ku taxan boogaga heesaha.



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Do your part and upload songs that are not in our collections. if you happen to know any of the artist biography please send it to us, Thank You


Files should not be duplicates, "not in Somaliland Net music pages "

Email us with a list of the files you UPLOADED, Including name of the song & your name. Files have to be rm, mp3 or window media files wma. Ready to Upload - UPLOAD


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Dararamle clicked
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Digfeer clicked
Dhabarlow clicked
Dab Jacayel kari waa clicked
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Hanuuniye clicked
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Hibo Mohamed, Nuura clicked
Hussein Tarabi clicked
Hassan Dige clicked
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Habiiba Xasan clicked
Haldhaa clicked
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kooshin clicked
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Maryan Mursal clicked
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Maandeeq clicked
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if you happen to know any of the singers biography please send it to us, Thank You

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