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Somaliland rallies call for immediate recognition

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Jan 22 2007 - HARGEISA, Somaliland- Rallies throughout the republic of Somaliland took place on last week calling for an immediate recognition of the Horn of Africa nation by the international community and nations of the African Union.

By Adam M. Jibril

The rally was organized by the joint decree of the three political parties namely the UDUP, KULMIYE and UCID parties.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets and gathered at Qeyriyada ground square chanting slogans which were anti Somalia. The political parties and population were extremely angered by the repeated statement of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) members that they planned to organize general elections in Somaliland territory the year 2009. Young protestors burnt the Somalia flag and showed their readiness to enter into war with Somalia if it attempts to interfere in Somaliland affairs and independence.

�We appeal to the International Community to respond positively to the legitimate right of Somaliland to be recognized as an independent country�, said Haji Abdi Warabe, a member of the House of Elders.
Tuesday, January 15th marked the launching of a national campaign for recognition, which is intended to take place in all the regions and districts of Somaliland Republic. In this connection leaders from the three political parties of Somaliland, Mr. Faysal Ali Waraabe Chairman of the UCID party, Mr.Mohamed Ismaeil Bulaale Secratery General of the UDUP party, and Mr. Mohamoud Saleh Nour (Fagadhe) deputy chairman of the KULMIYE party in a joint press conference on Sunday 14th of January, announced the launching of the campaign.

The three political leaders have stated that the objective of the rally is to respond to the underlining situation that has emerged in the Horn, which calls for the Somaliland people, the government and political parties to be vigilant and ready for tackling the consequences of the developments.

Another dimension of the emotional demonstration that took place in Somaliland is the continued attitude of the Somalia Government (TFG) leaders to negate Somaliland�s claim of sovereignty and consider it as part and parcel of Somalia.

Speaking at the rally, the vice president of the republic, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Yasin said Ethiopia is the only country in this world around us which witnessed our suffering and provides shelter and food to over one million Somalilanders, who fled from the bombardment of Somalia�s occupation army.

The three leaders have underlined the need for the Somaliland people and leaders to rise up to the new challenges and to the changing political situation in the Horn and defend the quest for national sovereignty.

The three political leaders have made strong appeals to the international community to take appropriate measures to curb possible devastating war in the Horn of Africa, this time between Somalia and Somaliland. They further stressed the fact that Somaliland is a democratic peaceful country, which only desires to solve conflicts through peaceful means, as reconciliation through dialogue does not mean it could not defend its sovereignty.

Analyst fear that dreadful conflict could erupt if the issue Somaliland is not handled with care stressing that it could be even worse conflict than the ones that have culminated in Somalia in the past decade. A conflict, which by many would be a regional in nature.

Somaliland had been under British Colonial administration for almost a century, obtained its independence from Britain 1960, and voluntarily united with Somalia (Italian Colony) immediately after the independence from UN trusteeship under Italian supervision. And regained its independence from Somalia occupation army of Siyad Barre in May 1991.

And although Somaliland is not yet a recognized country, but has close working relations with many countries and institutions, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Great Britain and others.

Source: The Sub-Saharan Informer

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