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  • (SEPADO) - SOMALI ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ANTI-DESERTIFICATION Added: 27-Jun-1999 -Hits: 284 -Rating: 5.00 -Votes: 1 Rate It - Translate
  • A desperate battle to hold the crash site - THINGS WERE SO QUIET at the northeast corner of the target building that Staff Sgt. Ed Yurek got spooked. He was feeling abandoned and alone. Half of his Chalk Two had run off to help rescue the downed crew of Cliff Wolcott's helicopter. Yurek was left with just half a dozen Rangers. Added: 1-Aug-1999 -Hits: 487 -Rating: 10.00 -Votes: 1 Rate It - Translate
  • An interview with Nuruddin Farah - Somalia's only internationally known writer. Farah's books have been translated into more than a dozen languages but they start out in English because, until recently, Somali was an oral language only. Added: 7-Feb-2000 -Hits: 348 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • CIA World Factbook - Geographic, demographic, government, economic and military information. Includes a flag and map image Added: 17-Jul-1999 -Hits: 307 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Dadka.Net - Ujeedada ururku waa sidii loo caawin lahaa dadka Soomaaliyeed ee ku dhibaataysan dhulkii meelaha u daran,gaar ahaan agoonta, maatada iyo dumarka ee sida joogtada ah loogu hayo dilka,dhaca oo ay waliba u sii dheer tahay kufsiga Added: 8-Jul-2008 -Hits: 8 -Rating: 7.00 -Votes: 1 Rate It - Translate

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