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  • CHINA BUSINESS DIRECTORY - Description - Search trade & business contacts (address, telephone, fax, email, websites) in our China Directory with over 100,000 listing of traders, importers, sellers,exporters,suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, buyers, agents, producers, manufacturers in China Added: 19-Sep-2002 -Hits: 136 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • REDSEA-ONLINE Trilingual Somali-Italian-English Dictionary - A freely-accessible data source which is growing constantly with the contribution of its visitors. The dictionary has currently 1418 entries, 200 quotes (songs, classical poems, proverbs and other somaliland traditional sayings as well as excerpts from the Somaliland Constitutional articles). Added: 20-Apr-2001 -Hits: 198 -Rating: 10.00 -Votes: 2 Rate It - Translate

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