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  • COMMISSION FOR RACIAL EQUALITY HOMEPAGE - The Commission for Racial Equality works in partnership with individuals and organisations for a fair and just society which values diversity and gives everyone an equal chance to work, learn and live free from discrimination, prejudice and racism. Added: 18-Oct-2000 -Hits: 413 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Freedonian Embassy - We are pleased to announce that such a deal is indeed possible. Freedonia has joined with other libertarians in pursuing a possible deal with the Sultan of Awdal, in Somaliland Added: 31-May-2000 -Hits: 444 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Freespeech Internet Television - Free Speech is the first, and only, audio/video webcasting site created entirely by its members. We believe that democratic media can and will change society for the better. Added: 23-Aug-1999 -Hits: 473 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Guerrilla War - Guerrilla warfare is essentially a political war. Therefore, its area of operations exceeds the territorial limits of conventional warfare Added: 1-Aug-1999 -Hits: 442 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • I CARE - News - This page is updated two times a week (Tuesday & Friday) with items from our regular news sources. Added: 18-Oct-2000 -Hits: 327 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • National Geographic - National Geographic Map Machine - downloadable political and physical maps, country facts, and other geographical resources. Added: 9-Jun-2000 -Hits: 436 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Somali History - : In the 7th century Arabs and Persians developed a series of trading posts along the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. In the 10th century the area was peopled by Somali nomads and pastoral GALLA from southwest Ethiopia Added: 8-Feb-2000 -Hits: 445 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Special Operations.Com - "It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better. Added: 1-Aug-1999 -Hits: 360 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Truth - These are the truths I hold to be self evident. Added: 6-Jul-2005 -Hits: 231 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation Added: 14-Sep-1999 -Hits: 168 -Rating: 1 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate


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