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Art and Culture : Artists

  • Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye' - Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye' was born in Hargeysa in 1949 and lives there now. He attended school in Sheikh in Somaliland and then graduated in biology at the Somali National University following which he was a teacher for several years. Editor Picks Added: 19-Jun-2008 -Hits: 90 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Art and Culture : Photography

  • Ahmed In Burco - I created this Weblog to share with family and friends all over the world my new experience as a Development Worker in Somaliland. I am the new HIV/AIDS Youth Advisor for ICD (International Cooperation for Development). I am stationed in Burco but my work covers the entire Country. Burco is located around 310KM to Hargeisa, It's Editor Picks Added: 25-Aug-2004 -Hits: 359 -Rating: 10.00 -Votes: 2 Rate It - Translate

Entertainment : Music

  • Best Somali Songs*** - Welcome to the home of the best Somali songs on the net. Heeso Somaliya. Over 900 Somali Songs and the list grows every week. Editor Picks pop Added: 4-Jan-2000 -Hits: 96389 -Rating: 9.85 -Votes: 1326 Rate It - Translate

Entertainment : Suugan

Entertainment : Videos

Entertainment : Videos : Somaliland

News And Media : Radio and Tv

  • Radio Horyaal - Horyaal Radio uses an officially registered frequency and a company that is fully licensed to operate under the International Telecommunications Union. It operates in Europe and has a right to broadcast from there and conforms to international standards of broadcasting. Editor Picks pop Added: 7-Jul-2005 -Hits: 2410 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Personal Pages

  • Saeed's home page - You can find some useful links from this site specially if you're into the Internet and web design Editor Picks Added: 17-Feb-2000 -Hits: 805 -Rating: 7.00 -Votes: 3 Rate It - Translate


Regional : Africa : Djibouti


  • Welcome to somaliland - is your one stop travel gateway to the Republic of Somaliland. This site aims to promote Somaliland and its emerging tourism sector to ... Editor Picks Added: 20-Sep-2010 -Hits: 107 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Somaliland : Government

  • Somaliland Law - The aim of this website is to disseminate information about the Constitution and laws of the REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND. The full texts of the Constitution and some of the main laws are found here in English language, or in Somali, where no translation is currently available. The site will also contain news of the constitutional and legal developments in Somaliland, as well as commentaries and articles. Editor Picks Added: 21-May-2007 -Hits: 164 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Somaliland : Media

  • RAAD TV Internationalís - RAAD TV Internationalís mission is to provide accurate and impartial news and information to the general public. RAAD TV International will offer unique and dynamic journalism and programming through a multimedia platform across Television and the Internet. RAAD TV Internationalís objective is based on core principles dear to its management: a spirit of freedom of speech, dialogue and the observation, protection and fostering of human rights. Editor Picks Added: 8-May-2008 -Hits: 171 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Somaliland : Politics

Somaliland : Region

  • About Uhubso Somaliland charity - UHUBSO is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit making organization aiming to enhance the well-being of the people of Somaliland. Editor Picks Added: 28-Feb-2006 -Hits: 250 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Somaliland : Services

  • University Of Burao - The university is a multipurpose institution of higher education. In addition to preparing competent professionals, it aims to be a community learning centre, an idea hub, a focal point for practical and theoretical research, and a development engine that makes real difference to lives of the people in the city and beyond Editor Picks Added: 28-Sep-2006 -Hits: 161 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

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