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Art and Culture : Photography

  • Pictures from Burao - Pictures from Burao and Haud My name is Abdi and these pictures are from my trip to Burao ('99-00 pop Added: 28-Sep-2000 -Hits: 2788 -Rating: 6.25 -Votes: 4 Rate It - Translate

Entertainment : Music

  • Shiine's Home Page - Listen these wonderful somali songs Onkod By Cabdi Tahliil Warsame Saluugla By Cumar Dhuule Cali Soo Dumarba..... by Cumar Dhuule Xafun by Khadra Daahir Gabadh waataan ahaa by Amina Farah Xiiso by pop Added: 1-Nov-1999 -Hits: 4567 -Rating: 5.22 -Votes: 9 Rate It - Translate
  • Best Somali Songs*** - Welcome to the home of the best Somali songs on the net. Heeso Somaliya. Over 900 Somali Songs and the list grows every week. Editor Picks pop Added: 4-Jan-2000 -Hits: 96389 -Rating: 9.85 -Votes: 1326 Rate It - Translate
  • Somali Radio - The artists are Hassan A. Samatar, Khadra dahir, Mohamed Hassan ''Caros'', Sahra dawo, Zeynab Cige Aweeys khamis, Tubeec, Hibo Nuura, Salim, Sahra and more, more............ pop Added: 25-Feb-2001 -Hits: 1917 -Rating: 6.44 -Votes: 9 Rate It - Translate

Entertainment : Suugan

  • Hoyga Suugaanta - Waa Website xambaarsan Gabayo xul ah oo ay tirsheen abwaannadii soomaliyeed kuwoodii ugu waaweynaa. pop Added: 11-Mar-2000 -Hits: 9735 -Rating: 8.86 -Votes: 106 Rate It - Translate

News And Media

  • Somali News Page - Somali News Page provides a collection of the latest news from Somalia. Here you will find all you want to know about Somalia. The Author is Yasin Ahmed Hassan . pop Added: 26-Jun-1999 -Hits: 3273 -Rating: 7.75 -Votes: 4 Rate It - Translate

News And Media : Radio and Tv

  • BBC Somali Service Site - Offical Somali BBC site - offering news and current affairs in audio 7 days a week also information about the BBC Somali Service pop Added: 23-Jul-1999 -Hits: 3409 -Rating: 10.00 -Votes: 7 Rate It - Translate
  • BBC Radio 14:00 GMT - Listen to the BBC News in Somali-Audio-You have to download RealPlayer to listen to the news at : Barnaamijyada Idaacadda 14:00 GMT pop Added: 19-Oct-1999 -Hits: 58258 -Rating: 6.00 -Votes: 7 Rate It - Translate
  • Radio Horyaal - Horyaal Radio uses an officially registered frequency and a company that is fully licensed to operate under the International Telecommunications Union. It operates in Europe and has a right to broadcast from there and conforms to international standards of broadcasting. Editor Picks pop Added: 7-Jul-2005 -Hits: 2410 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Personal Pages

Recreation : Chat

  • A suitable place for mIRC DALnet dudes. - The Home of Somalilanders in chatting room of DALnet. If u r not aware of it, just visit and download from there. Connect to DALnet and there r Operators who will welcome u with Open Hands. Try it now....U will not be disappointed. pop Added: 28-Aug-2000 -Hits: 4621 -Rating: 5.00 -Votes: 3 Rate It - Translate

Reference : Human Right

  • Mass Graves in Somaliland - This is the sort of crime that does not have a statute of limitations Floods at the Malka Durduro site in Hargeisa's dry river bed unearthed a series of mounds containing the bodies, half a kilometre (mile. pop Added: 7-Feb-2001 -Hits: 1661 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate
  • Mass Graves in Somaliland - Video - Floods at the Malka Durduro site in Hargeisa's dry river bed unearthed a series of mounds containing the bodies, half a kilometre (mile). Real Player clip. pop Added: 7-Feb-2001 -Hits: 5063 -Rating: 0 -Votes: 0 Rate It - Translate

Regional : Africa

Regional : Africa : Somalia

Religion : Islam

  • Adhan (From Makkah ) - RA 90.2 Adhan (From Makkah) RA 90.3 Adhan (Call to Prayer) RA 90.4 Adhan (From Makkah) RA 90.5 Adhan (From Madinah) RA 90.6 Adhan (Call to Prayer) pop Added: 2-Aug-1999 -Hits: 1513 -Rating: 4.25 -Votes: 4 Rate It - Translate


Somaliland : Government

  • Somaliland Mission - official web-site of Somaliland. In this site we will bring you the past and the present histories and the current events in Somaliland and the political changes in the region in general. pop Added: 29-Jul-2000 -Hits: 3065 -Rating: 6.25 -Votes: 4 Rate It - Translate

Somaliland : Media

Somaliland : Politics


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